Our Terms and Conditions for engaging with us in any kind of work are defined below:

Defining the Scope of Work

Clients must communicate us with their expectation level when they first engage with our team. All the monetary goals should be defined clearly and the purpose they want to achieve while assigning the project to us. The terms of accepting and rejecting our work would be decided among both the parties.


For each project to be taken by us, there needs to be a 60% deposit for the overall cost of the project. A full refund will be made if the project is not able to meet the terms of acceptance. iWeb24 has total liberty of not starting up with the project until payments are transferred. We will not be held responsible in case of delays due to the initial payment.

The remaining balance needs to be cleared as soon as the project work is completed. Causing any delays to provide proper feedback and clearing dues will be considered as agreement violation and understanding between the parties. Delivery will not be made completely with handing over the rights until all the dues are cleared.

Party terminating the contract will be liable to pay the clearance dues or else legal actions will be considered.

Access to Timely Information

The projects are somehow dependent on the information that needs to be provided by the clients. If they are unable to do so, then this might be a strong reason for the work to be delayed. In the case of this, clients will be communicated that iWeb24 team cannot be held responsible for delays in completion of the project. All the communication will be kept formal for proper records.

If we are unable to jump on the next stage of the project due to lack of supply of information, then clients are liable to pay the previous amount and clear the invoice for the work which has been done already.

Requesting Revisions

If any revisions are to be done, this should be requested in the defined time period. Afterward, iWeb24 will not be held responsible for not entertaining revisions. Clients are requested to finalize the project within the specific time period according to their requirements.

The work done will be considered approved by default if there is no feedback provided within the allowed time period. Once approved, iWeb24 will have the right to send the invoice and expect them to be cleared within time jurisdiction.

Trademark Inclusion

The business names and trademark logos should be unique to the brand provided to us for which the party intends to get work done including graphics and website designing. In case of any copyright claim to the content provided by the client, the company will not be held responsible.


Any project undertaken by the company, the clients have the full right to check plagiarism and double check if work delivered is copied from somewhere else. The company stands at delivering unique website designs and contents. If any party identifies similar sources on the Internet then we owe you a complete revision of the project.


The clients can completely trust us with the confidentiality of sensitive information important to keep business and website secure. In case of any breach of data, the company will be responsible to cover up for the loss.

Project AddOns

Initial proposals do not include any service or feature that is not mentioned. Any third party service like website hosting, the company is not liable to cover up the costs until explicitly mentioned. The things discussed and mentioned in the proposal are under the binding of the contract to be delivered on time. Any extra AddOns will have separate charges.


During the course of completion of the project, clients have complete right to request the progress of work that has been done. The processes at iWeb24 are transparent and one can perform scrutiny of ongoing progress any time.