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Feel Safe Browsing this website:

At iWeb24, we feel there should be not even a slight breach of website visitor’s privacy. All the possible ways of privacy breach have been thoroughly examined and tested so our data is at the most secure place. Website databases are hosted on secure servers to prevent any scam or internet virus injection.

The privacy matters among the team members of iWeb24. Employees accessing sensitive information are under the legal and ethical binding to prevent any misuse of data. The information collected by us is completely controlled by user preferences.

Personal bio and contact information are never collected until the users fill out the respective forms themselves. We only gather such data through users explicitly sharing their contact details for the purpose of communication. When visitors fill out the form they automatically consent with our Privacy Policy.

When we have received the information through forms and emails, users will be personally notified upon the collection of information. The parties have full rights to opt out of our database whenever they feel like. No unwanted emails and messages will be sent without prior permission.

The database we tend to maintain is given full attention and remains updated with user preferences. Any changes to the information are requested to be communicated to us so our database remains updated.

The access to iWeb24 database remains to only authorized persons and no unauthorized logins are allowed on our servers which makes our data very much secure. File exports are not allowed unless the database administrator gets to know specific reasons and gives approval.

If required, contact details of our customers will be forwarded to the client support department to get in touch regarding feedback for company services and developing a communication bridge for maximum utility.

Getting Overview of Website Visitors

For website optimization purpose, our website keeps check on user activity and access logs. Servers keep a record of the requested web pages with their respective IP Addresses. These are standards which each website makes an effort to maintain so we are also continuously analyzing which webpages of this website are performing better.

When a user lands on our website, tracking codes get us this information.

  • Traffic source, how the user came to land on our website
  • Type of device used to access our content
  • IP Address of the device
  • Landing Page
  • How much time the user spends on exploring our webpages
  • Overall navigational behavior
  • Specific date and times are collected

All the information collected is general behavior and traits of our web traffic. No intentions to collect any personal information of our users so they feel completely confident to browse this website. Strong measures are taken to prevent spam traffic and allow any misuse of web forms.

The sole purpose to analyze the basic qualities of our traffic is to take website optimization measures and track the performance of the webpages.

Usage of Cookies

Cookies help our website servers to keep a record of the web browsers that request webpages from them. Cookies determine the activities of specific web browsers and improve the performance of this website.

Cookies identify the previous sessions done by the users and optimize to improve the browsing experience. The efforts are placed to show personalized content with the help of cookies.

This should be noted that cookies are for keeping details about the sessions only, they do not conduct the storing of any kind of personal information. IP addresses are not matched with sessions done on our website.

External Links

There may be some web contents that may include a link to an external website. These links are for browsing purposes and the user must become aware when domain address is changed. The websites which we link to are not endorsements of any kind. They are managed by their own website team and may not comply with the privacy policies we have adopted. To be completely aware, it is advised to read privacy statements of the company you want to get in touch with.

Any change to our privacy policy will be made public to be known by new users and existing ones. The notification will be issued once we comply with a new policy for iWeb24.